iHMSerp - Clinic / Hospital Management Software

Individual Modules also can be implemented as per customized requirement like Patient Management, Laboratory Management, Blood Bank Management, Store / Inventory Management, Financial Accounting.

“iHMS - Hospital Management Software", permits you to capture, manipulate and present Patient data in a meaningful manner, generating reports and statistics dynamically. iHMS gives your entire Hospital management the edge over ordinary. Hospital or clinic management software specially developed for small to large hospitals and clinics that contain all the billing, clinical, and operational elements for a successful running of medical practice. Our iHMS is simplified, user friendly application which suits Small / Medium Hospital / Clinics, Investigation Centre of Laboratory to large Multi-Specialty Hospital Chains.

iHMS, an integrated new generation hospital management software which converges latest technology and your administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. It is an integrated client server application which uses microsoft technologies as Front End and Flexible back end (like Oracle, SQL, etc). We are serving hospital industry since 2005 in Salem,Coimbatore and Tamilnadu,India. Its Available in Windows and Web based Hospital Management Software in Tamilnadu,India.

iHMS suitable for :

  •   Clinic
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Hospital
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Laboratory
  •   Bloodbank

iHMS gives you the power to:-

  •   Manage Patient (In-Patient & Out-Patient) Information Efficiently.
  •   Record Patient Billing and Payments made.
  •   Maintain the Patients History.
  •   Keep a record of the Patients Investigation results.
  •   Trace prescription history.
  •   Manage your own Security.


  •   Hospital Front Desk
  •   Admission
  •   Patient’s Management
  •   Doctor’s Management
  •   Appointment Schedule
  •   Bed Management
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Billing
  •   Finance Management
  •   User’s Management
  •   SMS
  •   MIS Reporting
  •   Laboratory Management
  •   Blood Bank Management
  •   Payroll Management
  •   Stores Management


  •       Manage departments of hospital
  •       Manage doctor account
  •       Manage patient account
  •       Manage pharmacist account
  •       Manage laboratories account
  •       Monitor hospital events
  •       Watch transaction reports of patient payment
  •       Bed, ward, cabin status
  •       Watch blood bank report
  •       Watch medicine status of hospital stock
  •       Watch operation report
  •       Watch birth, death report
  •       Bed allotment status and admit history
  •       Manage noticeboard for all users of hospital
  •       Manage system settings
  •       Watch system log of user interactions
  •       Manage language of the software
  •       Create backup and restore anytime
  •       Manage own profile


  •       Create invoice for payment
  •       Order invoice to patient
  •       Take cash payment


  •       View appointment list and status with doctors
  •       View prescription details
  •       View medication from doctor
  •       View medication from pharmacist
  •       View / download diagnostic report from laboratories
  •       View doctor list
  •       View blood bank status
  •       View operation history
  •       View admit history. Like bed, ward ICU etc.
  •       View invoices
  •       Pay hand cash to accountant or pay online [PAYPAL]


  •       Manage patient. Account opening and updating
  •       Create, manage appointment with patient
  •       Create prescription for patient
  •       Keep record of patient case history
  •       Provide medication for patients
  •       View diagnostic report of patients.
  •       Creates, discharge bed allotment for patient
  •       View blood bank status
  •       Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report


  •       Manage patient. Account opening and updating
  •       Allot bed, ward, and cabin for patients
  •       Provide medication according to patient prescription
  •       Manage blood bank and update status
  •       Manage blood donors
  •       Keep record of patient operation, baby born and death of patient


  •       Maintain medicine
  •       Keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status
  •       Manage medicine categories
  •       Watch prescription of patient
  •       Provide medication to prescriptions


  •       Watch prescription list
  •       Upload diagnostic report
  •       Preview of diagnostic report files
  •       Manage blood bank
  •       Manage blood donors and maintain their status


  •       Highly secured against security threats
  •       MySQL-injection, xss attack, csrf protected

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